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24 June


By / Danielle Haley / In SEO Tips

Why technical SEO Is vital for your business

Technical SEO isn't about creating content - it's about making sure your site is the best possible platform for it. We're all aware of how important it is to have a strong online presence; many business owners spend a lot of time making sure that the content on their website reaches the top of search results pages. What about the other side of SEO? You may have heard the term technical SEO before but don't know exactly what it means. Don't worry; you're not alone. You'll ignore it at your peril though - as a good technical SEO strategy will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Mobile friendliness

Mobile usage is huge and growing rapidly, and a website that does not perform well on mobile is not going to compete well in today's market. Run your site through Google's mobile testing tool and resolve all issues - this may mean rebuilding your site.

Site speed

Speed is more important than ever. A slow-loading website puts off visitors and hurts your organic search positions. Aim for a load time of under one second - anything over three seconds will result in lost business.

Site architecture

Site architecture refers to the way the site is built, which includes both its code-base as well as visible features, such as the navigation, layout and design. Responsive design is a must today - this ties in with mobile friendliness. Other important visible features include URL structure, categorisation and tagging, and image display. Behind the scenes, technical SEOs need to optimise servers, manage memory use, implement page compression and caching solutions, and manage web security issues.

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24 June


By / Andrei Tiburca / LOGO Tips

Wonderful Logo Ideas to Get You Inspired

Creating a logo is not that simple as it may seem at the first glance. It requires a lot of refinement and improvement before the final logo comes. Ink and a white piece of paper are the best tools for creatives to get inspired. No program can give the same kind of freedom as paper does.Most graphic designers put their ideas on paper first, and then edit them with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other digital editing programs. The main goal of any logo is to be remarkable, memorable and simple at the same time.

Finding inspiration for your next logo design is easy if you know where to look for it. You can follow great design marketplaces like Designhill. This crowdsourcing platform brings together businesses and designers from around the world on a common platform. Any business that has a graphic design requirement can launch a design contest on Designhill. Here are 20 wonderful logo sketches from all over the web that could inspire you for your next project which needs illustrations of any kind. Don’t pass by our previous collection of typography sketches!.

24 June


By / Nancy Young / FONTS Tips

Bold Free Headline Fonts

While designing a landing page, poster, presentation or just an image for your blog, there are always certain things you need to highlight. In this case, a proper typeface could be really helpful. If you want to make an impact and get people’s attention, you need to use huge bold headline fonts. Even bold font may have its own personality: elegant, light, funny, energetic or serious. In this list we have put together 20 bold free headline fonts. To download the font you need to go to the primary source, so make sure to read a licence of the font before using it..

24 June


By / Gisele Muller / BRANDING Tips

Branding: Elegant and Inspiring Examples

The visual representation of your brand is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When given the proper attention, it can certainly make a big impact. Whether you’re thinking of redesigning your own brand or creating a new one for a client, we’ve gathered some branding projects that are extremely well done, and should provide plenty of inspiration.

24 June


By / Richard Long / Customer Service Tips

5 Customer Support Hacks to Try Today

For many designers, developers and agencies, customer service can be a burden, slowing down the day, stifling the creative process. It doesn´t have to be ­ here are five things to try today to turn support from your enemy to an ally.

Make Support Flow

If support is frustrating, consider the perspective of the customer. They´re in touch because something has gone wrong and can´t find the answer to their query. Ensure you have the steps in place to handle this and avoid cranky customer support. Like your sales funnel, channelling customers to a make a purchase, support needs to be thought of as a funnel, directing customers to the right place to find relevant answers to their queries. For example, if you´re fielding support queries from email, Twitter, Facebook, contact forms STOP. Direct all queries to a central support location, a single contact point that customers can find answers or reach out directly if needed. Sketch out your support process flow, identify key pinch points, where customers are getting lost. Place as much documentation online as you can, ideally before any email or ticketing systems, and help customers to help themselves.